This ministry started when several of the Gathering women decided they didn't want to do life on their own. They desired to have other women speak life, love, and truth into their lives. They desired to serve side by side with women who are friends and sisters in Christ. 

Today the Gathering Women's Ministry does just that! We get together for playdates, go out for coffee, meet up during lunch breaks, and get together to pray over life's sorrows. We check in with each other throughout the week and truly do life together! We have seen firsthand how growing together in relationship with each other has led to us growing deeper in relationship with Jesus. 

Our women's ministry isn't just about getting together and talking, although we do a lot of that, too. We are constantly looking for where we can be part of God's will and purpose for our church, community, and world. We are a group of women with different abilities and gifts and we love that we can use those things to serve people and serve God! 

When we meet, it is a time of fellowship and relationship building with each other. We like to share food, stories, laughter, tears, encouragement. We like to share our WHOLE lives and selves because we know that community is part of being the Body of Christ. It's a safe place to not be ok or have it all together. 


Craft Night

March 19th


Bring your favorite craft to share! Not into crafts? Come anyways for the conversation! 

Care Baskets for Moms in Need

April 30th, 6pm

Help us fill, decorate, and pray over care baskets for mothers in need. This is a great opportunity to show the love of Jesus and serve mothers in our community in a practical way!



Jan. 30th


Bring your needles and yarn and get your knit on. Don't knit or crochet? Come anyways and someone will teach you! Or opt out and come for the conversation:) 

Sharing the love at Aldi!

Feb. 29th

10:15 am

 Join us in carrying groceries and returning carts for shoppers at the Hixson Aldi. This is a peak shopping time, so we're sure to make people's day and have opportunities to show God's love.