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“What is this ‘Gathering’ thing?”

People often ask us what our name means because admittedly, a name like “The Gathering” leaves room for a wide variety of options. Actually, we are a biblically conservative, evangelical church that loves Jesus and loves people. We think the name “The Gathering” best sums up who we really are. It describes who Jesus has called us to be.

A Church. Following Jesus.

The name, “The Gathering,” comes from the Greek word “ekklēsía” [εκκλησiα], which means a “gathering” of people or “called-out ones”. This is the word that came to be used to describe the early Church. We are a gathering of the called out to follow Jesus in worship and ministry.


We are a group of imperfect people who understand our need for a Savior. At the Gathering, we celebrate the grace and mercy that we have found in Christ! Instead of focusing on making bad people good, we focus on Jesus, who makes dead people alive. So if you come to the Gathering, don't expect to find perfection. Rather, expect to meet people who desire to show you the grace and mercy they have been shown by Jesus, who helps us overcome the sin to which we were previously held captive.

A Church on Mission

We are a church constantly seeking to find our place in both local and global ministry. We regularly explore fresh ways to spread Jesus’ light to our city, nation, and the world. So, check us out. Maybe God is calling you to be a part of The Gathering!

We are associated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Tennessee Baptist Convention. We are The Gathering, Chattanooga and are not affiliated with any other church that carries the name “The Gathering.”


The Gathering exists to glorify God by developing fully mature disciples of Jesus empowered and equipped to impact the entire world with the Gospel.



We believe the Bible is the infallible, inerrant and inspired Word of God.


We believe in one God who is revealed in three eternally distinct persons: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


We believe in the incarnation, perfect life, sacrificial death, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.


We believe that Jesus Christ will physically return again.


We believe all people must be saved from sin.


We believe that man’s only way to be saved is through Jesus Christ.


We believe all people must hear the Gospel and respond with belief and repentance to be saved.

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